Rental and Services

Kimono Yuki offers various sales and rentals services.

Kimono Rental and Demonstration

Using its vast collection acquired while travelling to Japan, Kimono Yuki offers full kimono rental and display service for amateur and professional. We also offer kimono rental for exhibit or event. We can dress your own models or provide models for Japan themed events.

*Rental service including kimono set & dressing service.  (Some kimonos are limited use only for inside.)

* Tabi-socks and Zouri sandals are not included. (we can rent them with photo shooting plan.)

*Outside Photo shooting $100 per hour

Kimono Sales

During our travels to Japan, we meet with our partners and suppliers to find new and used kimono, obi and accessories, and bring them back to Montréal. Have a look at our virtual store. Contact to us by e-mail: if you are interested in purchasing our products.  You can make an appointment to check and try  our kimonos . (We don’t do shipping service because our most of products are vintage,  and each one has different conditions.  We recommend the guests to come and check it by themselves before purchasing. )

Kimono Lessons

Many people own or would like to own a Japanese traditional kimono for fun, tea ceremony or special events, but do not know how to wear it. No matter the reason, we offer private kimono class (in English or Japanese) to help you learn how to wear this traditional Japanese apparel.

Kids Kimono Rentals and Photo Shooting (Boys and Girls)

At age 3, 5 and 7, Japanese kids participate in a celebration involving wearing a special kimono. We are offering children kimono rental service  in our Montréal’s studio, including a short photo shooting.