Welcome to Kimono Yuki, one of the largest private Japanese kimono and yukata collection in Montréal. We travel Japan to find new and vintage kimonos that we believe deserve a second life, and we bring them back to Montréal. We love to integrate kimono to our modern lifestyle and encourage Montrealers to integrate them in their own style.

Why kimonos in Montréal ?

For an event, by curiosity or just for fun, there are kimonos for every occasion. We believe Montréal is the right place to introduce japanese kimonos, a city were people make their fashion a personality statement and recognize that the journey of the fabric is just as important as how it look.

How to use kimono for daily life?

Kimono is a classic and noble outfit in the Japanese society, where it is still worn for special occasion, festival or fashion. Nevertheless, it is very versatile and can easily be adapted with western clothes to create a whole new style. Look at our instagram posts to see by yourself.

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*our “virtual store” page is not an online shopping page. Please send us an email and make an appointment for your visit for purchasing our products. kimonoyukimtl@gmail.com